Who are you ?

My name is Thierry Picq, I am 58 years old and married with three children. I have been a member of the cooperative since 1988 and I farm 14 hectares of vines to “High Environmental Value” level 3 specifications.


Why are you a member of the Uni-Médoc cooperative ?

Being a member of a cooperative requires a particular state of mind in which there is no place for individualism. Pooling, sharing and exchanging are the key words in cooperation.

Economic and environmental issues weigh on our decisions, both within UNI MEDOC and on our properties. I am a member because I like the idea of jointly deciding on the direction we should take. The collective adventure remains an advantage in my view.


What values do you share with your cellar ?

I share the values upheld by the cooperative movement.

Uni Médoc helps to modernise working methods and has given a new lease of life to the image of the winegrower. Everyone within the cooperative has contributed to the result, which is undeniable today as it is recognised by the profession.