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Patricia & Stanislas Goirand

Who are you ?

My name is Patricia, I have been a winegrower since 1998.
And I am Stanislas, the 4th generation cooperative winegrower in my family. Having both become established individually through a land-purchase operation set up by Vignerons d’Uni Médoc, we merged our 2 properties in 2007.

Why are you a member of the Uni-Médoc cooperative ?

The question did not even arise. Uni Médoc enabled us to acquire land and helped us to grow. Being members of a cooperative was obvious to us. In addition, the cellar provides services such as technical support, giving us advice on our viticultural practices.

What values do you share with your cellar ?

Belonging to a cooperative is a state of mind, with values of sharing, exchange, solidarity, tradition while respecting the environment. The cellar allows for the pooling of knowledge as well as winemaking equipment.


Gisèle Goirand

Who are you ?

Granddaughter and daughter of a winegrower, I decided to create my own property in 1974. Over time and as it grew, I was joined by my children and grandchildren who represent the 5th generation. We created a farming company in 1993.

Why are you a member of the Uni-Médoc cooperative ?

Regarding our membership of the cooperative, the question did not arise since we were brought up with the values of cooperation. My grandfather was actually one of the founding members of the cellar and its president for many years.

What values do you share with your cellar ?

Right from the start, we shared the values of the cooperative, namely solidarity, mutual aid, complementarity, the sense of a job well done, competition, respect for the staff, members and above all customers and, of course, respect for nature.

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