Who are you ?

My name is Benjamin Andreu, a convert to farming since 2018 after a career as a professional rugby player. Today we have planted 5 ha of vines in AOC Médoc and are raising a herd of Bazadaise cattle. The property has been in conversion to organic farming since the 2021 harvest.


Why are you a member of the Uni-Médoc cooperative ?

The decision to join the cooperative was naturally made for several reasons: the most important was being able to concentrate solely on learning the profession of winegrower. The winemaking and marketing are left to experienced professionals within the cooperative framework. The most interesting thing for me was to be able to benefit from the high-level tools and techniques in the cellar, allowing us to produce a wine of excellent quality.


What values do you share with your cellar ?

The values I share with the cellar are mutual aid, sharing and team spirit. The many discussions that we can have with other winegrowers and technicians are also beneficial to everyone.