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Catherine and Jean-Yves Merlet

Who are you ?

We have been cooperative members of Uni-Médoc for 3 generations.

Why are you members of the Uni-Médoc cooperative ?

We are members to reduce winemaking costs.

What values do you share with your cellar ?

The cooperative movement is a big family that allows members to benefit from collective intelligence and commitment.

Julie Compagnet

Who are you ?

Julie Compagnet, brought up in the midst of vines and tractors for 40 years, I am naturally passionate and proud to be the 4th generation winegrower in the family.

My parents and grandparents are still present, between two rows of vines to offer their advice, which I am always grateful for.

Why are you member of the Uni-Médoc cooperative ?

Born into this family atmosphere of cooperation, the spirit of union and sharing corresponds exactly with my character.

There is strength in unity, which allows us to acquire the best to ensure optimum quality, whether it is equipment or advice from our technicians.

What values do you share with your cellar ?

We all share the same values in terms of our know-how. We all grow together at the same pace.

Viticulture is an art.

There is always something to learn to continue to keep our profession alive in good conditions and to promote our production.

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